G protein coupling datasets deposited in GproteinDb

In addition to the subtype-level couplings, GproteinDb includes family-level couplings from the Guide to Pharmacology database (1). Biosensors are described in the Biosensors page.

Lab Biosensor Parameter Year Ref #Rec #wt
Gs Gi/o Gq/11 G12/13 Year
GsS GsL Golf Gi1 Gi2 Gi3 GoA GoB Gz Ggust Gq G11 G14 G15 G12 G13
Bouvier EMTA / GEMTA log(Emax/EC50) 2022 (2) 100 12 2022
Inoue NanoBiT-G log(Emax/EC50) 2019 (3) 8 8 2024
Inoue TGFα-shedding log(Emax/EC50) 2019 (3) 150 1* 2022 *Only Gq
is wt/used
Lambert RGB-GDP Efficacy - Unp 14 6 2024 Adhesions
Lambert RGB-GDP Econst., Efficacy - Unp 8 4 2024
Lambert RGB-GDP Econst., Efficacy 2019 (4) 16 4 2024
Lambert RGB-GDP Econst., Efficacy 2020 (5) 3 4 2024
Lambert RGB-GDP Econst. 2021 (6) 49 5 2024 Orphans
Martemyanov FReeβγ-Nluc Activation rate (s-1) 2023 (7) 117 5 2024
Roth TRUPATH log(Emax/EC50) 2020 (8) 4 15 2022


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